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A celebration of the classic boys comic from the mid 1980's and the legends of United Football Club.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Champ No:1

Champ No:1 hit the newsstand's Saturday 18th February 1984, the first issue came with a free gift of The Super Soccer Slide Guide (Fingertip 2-1 Fact File).

The guide covered both English,Scottish & European League & Cup winners from season 1963-64 to 1982-83 as well as a top 20 Soccer Stars game on the back. I have included two scans of the front & back of the guide here.

The two major differences between this boys paper & any of its predecessors was the page count only 28 compared to the usual 32 found in more established titles like Victor,Warlord & Spike. Also no sign of any war strips which was quite refreshing. The main focus was the 10 page complete football stories every week following United football clubs climb back to the top..........We are United we are the greatest....

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  1. Nice one on getting this blog together! Along with Spike, Buddy and The Crunch I think that this late period DC Thomson title is one of the unsung heroes of UK boys' comics, with an excellent blend of stories and some interesting twists on the standard tropes.

    Keep up the good work!